Wendy Moira Angela Darling Tarleton
"Shall I get me to a convent? I think you should be dreadfully bored if ever I did."
Canon: Peter Pan (AU)
Species: Human
Hometown: London, England
Age: 100+
Journal: neverneverqueen
Player: Dele

she's a woman of mass distraction Edit

Captain Darling of the Queen Margaret is a morally ambiguous individual of some note who after leaving Neverland as a girl sometime later returned to it as a woman and proceeded to make of herself quite the pirate. Neither very very good nor very very bad (as far as we can tell - thus far), she is as ruthless as she's required to be (if you simply did as you were told, she wouldn't have to discipline you, and she is so disappointed - where have you heard that before?) and enjoys the image of a theatrical and tempestuous pirate queen with impeccable good manners and high breeding. Her history - before and after the first time in Neverland, with Peter Pan, with Captain Hook and most of all with the people whose names you will never, ever know - is either rarely discussed or a closely guarded secret, depending on to what and whom you refer. Either way, it's none of your business and she will gladly disabuse anyone of the notion that they can change her mind on that score.

In Neverland - and who knows, maybe the nexus - Captain Darling can still take to the sky.

some girls are like a kick in the head Edit

Wendy Moira Angela Darling was married at the age of nineteen to Mr Richard Tarleton, of whom she was more than slightly fond and whom she proceeded to bear two children; one was stillborn, and the other - the baby she feared she wouldn't be able to have - was little Jane Tarleton. A dutiful wife, doting mother and burgeoning author, Mrs Tarleton's life was quiet, respectable and positively idyllic. It did not last.

Wendy and Richard's occasional, easily-solved disagreements became vicious arguments and chilly silences as Jane took ill and her health went on to deteriorate. Briefly united in their grief when after a year and a half they lost her, that didn't last either. Her children buried and her husband (she was fairly certain) keeping a mistress, Wendy quietly packed her things and left without a word one winter morning in search of someone who could show her the way back to somewhere she'd let Jane believe was only a pretend story.

She went to that place where children never grow up and never die, but not as anyone's mother. She carries a picture of her husband and daughter in a locket she doesn't open any more, and has used her maiden name since shortly after leaving London.

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Wendy Moira Angela Darling does not belong to me, and neither does Nicole Kidman or the lyrics of Alice Cooper's Woman of Mass Distraction. This Wendy is clearly AU and possibly the result of some kind of madness on her typist's part.