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She will survive if the war goes on as Severus knows it - she and her husband and her son, they'll all live. But they'll be broken; Lucius will never recover, having died in his mind long before the final battle. Draco will remain a shadow of a man, paper-thin and cracked in important places, and Narcissa will stand there and hold them up, a pillar of everything the blood purists should have aspired to and could never understand.

Death would be preferable.

"Then--" he pauses, sighs, amused again. The entire world saved because Narcissa is a good fucking mother. If only he could see Molly Weasley's face. "Then I suppose I've watched enough worlds pass by."

the situation Edit

In 1986, the war has been over for the wizarding world for the better part of half a decade - and in roughly five years, it will begin again. Twenty years or so into a possible future, Severus Snape meets Narcissa Malfoy of the past in Xanadu and offers her an opportunity to change her family's fate. Since it seems the world has to be saved in order to protect Lucius and Draco, Narcissa agrees.

(Suck it, Gryffindors.)

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1986 Edit

  • May 2nd: A PLAN IS HATCHED.
  • May: Narcissa Malfoy delivers Riddle's diary to Severus Snape, on the understanding that he should destroy it.