"As long as I am with you, I won't dream."
Canon: World of Darkness
Species: Human werewolf kinfolk
Hometown: Somewhere in England
Age: 25
Journal: brightredstring
Player: Kay

Hailing from the late 17th century, Sanchari is the long-term mistress of one Ambrose Roy (a sorcerer in the guise of a priest). Sanchari died violently after weeks of torture at the Inquisition's hands, but was resurrected to live in Xanadu with Ambrose. She is of Romani stock, and kinfolk to the Silent Striders, besides, with gifts for spiritualism and numbers.

she'd lace knives to her boots and go down to the riverbed Edit

skate around and around 'til the night became day Edit

the cannery fellows would follow her everywhere Edit

from the grocery store Edit

to the bqe Edit

with their hearts all aglow from her icy back at you stare Edit

then her teeth became tight when her eyes couldn't seeEdit