Gates Enfys Moninne Keel Eddings
"See, it's either the state of the planet or her. One impossible task at a time."
Canon: Original
Species: Human
Hometown: Brixton, London, England
Age: 38 (July 26 1991 - September 22 2029)
Journal: rhyfelgri
Player: Dele

but of course half the time she isn't there- Edit

Enfys Eddings was a thirty-eight year old occultist wanderer who lived, worked and studied through the nexus before Xanadu's emergence; she lived in at least three separate universes, left an unfinished paper on comparative multiversal history in her belongings after her death, and loved the madness of the nexus as much as she loved the possibility of it.

For reasons unknown (Mhari suggested it and Takhys suggested a memorial statue garden), there is a slightly-larger-than-life statue of Enfys in a garden that hosts other such memorials here in Xanadu. It's set slightly in front of a cave leading underground, and yes, the whole garden is approximately as creepy as you think it is.

that's because she's a rainbow, sir knight. she's not a woman you can keep. Edit

Yes, that's what the statue looks like, except she's sitting on the ground. Look, pants were always more of a guideline than a rule, and the best memorial is an honest one. The inscription, with thanks to Spy, reads:

Gates Enfys Keel Eddings

26 July 1991 → 22 September 2029

"She was herself. That is the all that can be said of anyone, of her, it encompasses more than the reader can imagine."