Lyla Tzigano
"You think I'm some lost little girl desperate for validation, so if you're nice to me you can manipulate me, you can tell me what to do, use my power for your own. Guess what, asshole: I'm going to tell you what to do, and you're going to listen, because I have that power, and because you don't."
Canon: World of Darkness (canon character)
Species: Dhampir, daughter of Lilith
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Age: 17 (nearly 18)
Journal: tbd
Player: Kayame

i'm talking darkest night, a shoddy simulation of paradise Edit

Homeless hipster brat with prophetic abilities recently taken in by 2000-year-old vampire apostles of Lilith. Possesses a profound dislike of most men (and mama Lilith isn't helping with that), and undying love for trashy fishnet stockings.

Yes, she goes in both 'undead' and 'living'. WHAT ELSE DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO WITH A DHAMPIR WHO IS VAMPIRE JESUS.

a sinking fascination with the neon light, inside inside it's war all the time Edit


their decadent art, desire's a violent jackhammer of the heart Edit


the world descends into helter skelter and the girls crawl in for shelter Edit


i'm talking blood on grass, an overwrought suburbanite heart attack Edit


paint it all black because the end is accelerating back to the beginning Edit


everybody's falling in line with the radios blaring out helter skelter Edit


and the creatures crawl in for shelter Edit


lilith/eve I'm looking for something, come together over meEdit


i don't know what i want, a knife or a loverEdit

Lyla Tzigano is a (canon) character from The World of Darkness's Gehenna Chronicle; her PB is actress Celeste Cid. Lyrics are from Machines of Loving Grace's "Lilith/Eve".