[21:24] kay: whoa
[21:24] kay: i see the plague took many chatters
[21:25] lisa prime: ...jeez, what happened
[21:26] kay: perhaps they were eaten o_o
[21:26] kay: by something. or someone.
[21:29] lisa prime: idk but Claire just signed back on
[21:29] *** claire has joined the conversation.
[21:29] claire: trillian :|
[21:29] dele: so did you eat everyone
[21:29] claire: .. moi? >_>
[21:29] dele: yes.
[21:29] dele: you.
[21:29] claire: i did no such thing, i am innocent
[21:29] dele: idk that was a suspicious eyeshift
[21:30] claire: there are any number of other things i could have done to warrant a suspicious eyeshift.
[21:30] dele: such as.
[21:31] dele: where WERE YOU between the hours of late and later, claire mcbatman.
[21:31] kay: /watches closely from behind dark glass B|
[21:31] claire: uhm, i've been plotting things with treize
[21:31] dele: plotting, eh.
[21:31] claire: .. which is v evil, but i challenge any of you to tell me to stop.
[21:31] claire: B|
[21:32] dele: /shuffles papers ominously.
[21:32] claire: YOU CAN'T KEEP ME DOWN, MAN
[21:32] dele: CALM DOWN MA'AM >:(
[21:32] claire: I AM CALM
[21:32] dele: are you.
[21:32] claire: I AM PERFECTLY CALM
[21:32] claire: IT'S YOU ALL THAT ARE CRAZY
[21:33] kay: /files for a warrant to search claire's premises for evidence :I
[21:33] claire: EVIDENCE OF WHAT
[21:33] dele: cannibalism is serious business and we take business seriously aruond here.
[21:33] claire: who am i supposed to have eaten
[21:34] kay: treyu and traci
[21:34] claire: oh
[21:34] dele: /obligatory half-eaten pictures
[21:34] dele: /for guilting the suspect
[21:34] claire: well yeah treyu was me
[21:34] claire: traci's over here thi
[21:34] claire: .. tho
[21:34] dele: i guess you're free to go then.
[21:35] kay: but we'll be watching.
[21:35] claire: /eats kay.
[21:35] dele: we'll always be watching.