Eduardo 'Lalo' Inocencio
"~IT'S A HARD KNOCK LIFE~ ... shirley temple didn't sing that, did she."
Canon: Original
Species: Werewolf
Hometown: Málaga, Spain
Age: 128
Journal: lalo-inmortal
Player: Hinky


"¡Hola! This is Lalo, I'm not here and you are listening to a recording. There will be a little beep and you can leave a little message and in a little while, I'll think about calling you back. That's how it works. Chao."Edit

You likely do not want to know what he's doing while he's out and about and he won't tell you anyway. Secretive wolf is secretive this way.

Quick ReferenceEdit

Things to know about Lalo's lychanthropy:

  1. He only changes during a full moon.
  2. Turns into an actual wolf, fluffy fur, long muzzle, pointy ears.
  3. Should he be injured in his lupine state, he's stuck that way until he heals.
  4. At least he heals quickly.
  5. As a man he's developed some odd quirks: he prefers his food raw or very near raw, please ignore the way he will sometimes scratch at the back of his neck in a way that looks rather like a ferral animal, sometimes he'll make lupine vocalizations but he really tries to not do with with an audience.
  6. He hasn't visibly aged since being bitten.

Things to know about Lalo:

  1. He has a Spanish accent (Castilian) but his speech is understood easily enough. He makes a conscious effort to not use an Andelusian accent and speak with the "proper" Madrid inflections more for the purposes of keeping people guessing just where it is that he calls home.
  2. The previous point means that his surname is pronounced ee-no-THEN-thyo; don't make jokes about a lisp, it irritates him.
  3. Playing with his curls is a no-no.
  4. He loves technology and gadgets in general.
  5. Knows how to juggle.
  6. Has never chased his own tail.

London Mysteries:Edit

Summary and character history here.

Eduardo is a werewolf. He hunts and kills other werewolves. He also makes wine. He's very good at both of these things. Guess which one he doesn't advertise.

Out of Character Details:Edit

Also, OOC info relevant to policia type characters. (hint: talk about messy murders and things like Lalo's gun and his knife collection. Pointy teeth too.)