queen of the cannibals

"I LIKE THAT YOU BASICALLY HAVE NO SOUL THE BEST actually it's kinda funny because i met you through dien and chris and they are v. nice people and i was like WHAT IF SHE DOESN'T LIKE ME, THEY'RE ALL SO NICE and then it turned out that actually you aren't nice at all, and i like it.

you are basically no bullshit and all lulz and you never fail to say the most horrible thing possible and i am like HEATHER IS THE BEST PERSON." -- Dele


if I were a gif, I'd be this angry thing

I'm a slacker lately but these be mine and some day they will all have wikis:

Iskender Atalay

Susan Pevensie

Caspian X

Lalo Inocencio

Christie MacDougal

Adriaan van Rijs


Marcus MacEibhir

Nuria Laporta

There are three million others but I have not put them in Xanadu. Yet.

coming soon:

Stuff and Things.