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"Well, the short answer, in contemporary thought, is that you're all a way to project every time's fears and worries onto a story with universal resonances. Universal, here, meaning mainly British men."
Canon: The Historian
Species: Human (twice marked by a vampire)
Hometown: a small village in central Romania
Age: 25
Journal: twicetainted
Player: Ammmy

I'm all alone againEdit

Full name: Helen Rossi

Height: 5'8"

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: gray

Occupation: graduate student in anthropology, amateur vampire hunter

Well I've been here beforeEdit

Helen is the daughter of British historian Bartholomew Rossi and a Romanian peasant girl, a direct descendant of Vlad Ţepeş (aka Count Dracula). After Rossi abandons them, Helen's mother manages to get to Hungary, settling along with her sister and Helen outside Budapest. Rossi never acknowledged Helen, or her mother; Helen thus vowed to outdo him in his own sphere, academia. A gifted student of anthropology, she comes to Rossi's own university for graduate school, racing to publish on what she believes to be his current topic, legends surrounding Dracula.

When Rossi disappears, his student Paul approaches her. The pair become embroiled in the history of Dracula as they search for Rossi, chasing him and the trail of history across central and eastern Europe. In the course of this pursuit, she has already been bitten twice; she is also beginning to fall in love with Paul and forgive her father for his apparent desertion.

Have I still got you to be my open doorEdit

Relationships TBA.

Sat on a floor in a grey grey moodEdit

Jennifer Connelly, Helen Rossi, and Damien Rice have nothing to do with my horrors.

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