[06:56] dele: i want excuses to tell people my boat is fine
[06:56] Kay: make it into an euphemism
[06:57] dele: it's kind of already a euphemism
[06:57] dele: but it could be made to mean ANYTHING
[06:57] Kay: yes but i like hte idea of coming back from the gyno like GOOD NEWS
[06:57] dele: HAHAHAHAklfsf
[06:57] Kay: OR FULL OF RATS
[06:57] dele: now i want to do THAT
[06:57] Kay: i endorse this
[06:57] dele: only
[06:58] dele: only i'm imagining it like
[06:58] dele: the old doctor from futurama
[06:58] dele: GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY!
[06:58] Kay: HAHAHahaahahahahaah exactly
[06:58] dele: /weeping
[06:58] Kay: hitting on dudes
[06:58] Kay: "would you like to go for a cruise..................... in my vagina"
[06:59] dele: the loveboat theme: /plays