Dexter Grif is:

  • a man from a Crazy Space Future
  • a former con-man and thief who went legit to raise his younger sister in the absence of their parents
  • the only official draftee in the United Nations Space Command's history
  • a SPARTAN-II super-soldier, albeit one who's suffered some side effects
  • a survivor of his former commanding officer's constant abuse
  • an entrepreneur with a mildly shady business plan
  • a former (metaphorical) Frankenstein's Monster
  • an accidental time traveler
  • glad that living 800 years in his own future means he no longer has to fight in a pointless fake civil war
  • sad that living 800 years in his own future doesn't let him get discharged from the military
  • coping with the accumulated bullshit of his life by fucking around in other universes and interdimensional nexuses, drinking booze, killing zombies, and occasionally helping people who need it
  • aided and abetted by the UNSC's Office of Naval Intelligence, who he knows will throw him headlong into any problem that happens to spill into their universe, whether he wants to or not
  • quite possibly very much in need of massive quantities of therapy...
  • ...despite this, still quite frequently the Voice of Reason when it comes to the shenanigans and bullshit of others.