December Mick Lehane, MD
"Using myself as a punchline has never really thrilled me."
Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Original)
Species: Human
Hometown: Various
Age: 35
Journal: thewinterofour
Player: Dele

i wrote my name and thought of you Edit

Dr Lehane (alternately 'mild-mannered, laidback, forgettable' or 'sarcastic backhanded jerk' as appropriate) has never actually practised psychiatry, leaving the states after finishing his qualifications and taking up work in a Manchester bookstore that has recently relocated itself to Xanadu for reasons unknown. December assumes it has something to do with his genetic inability to actually live a pleasant, quiet life and has continued business as usual in the hopes that this will be the most bizarre thing that happens to him for the next thirty years or so.

(That's probably a pipe dream.)

but you would not have known Edit

&c &c

and i wait for you to speak, i'm waiting still Edit


so for the restless, not the peaceful sleeper Edit

  • ladies

and for the faithless, not the true believer Edit

  • gentlemen

and you raised me to be cruel Edit

&c &c

you raised me like a bruise Edit


i'm bleeding still Edit

The Buffyverse, Crispin Glover's image and Tom McRae's lyrics do not belong to me. December was created because I love Sarah.