Captain James "Jas" Hook
"Better for Hook if he had less ambition..."
Canon: Peter Pan
Species: Human
Hometown: London/Neverland
Age: 43
Journal: goodform
Player: Angel

"For a second Hook's eyes flashed bitter resentment. 'Madam, I have not slept for twenty years! Not since the crocodile!' 'I expect that's because you haven't had anyone to kiss you goodnight - not since the crocodile anyway.' [said Wendy]. ...His voice was weak, but there was no mistaking the strength of his feelings. 'Madam, I have never had anyone kiss me goodnight! would be vulgar and namby-pamby and sentimental and...and not quite manly.' Wendy nodded and patted his hand. 'But worth a try?' 'But worth a try,' conceded Captain Hook..."

from "Peter Pan in Scarlet" by Geraldine McCaughrean

Someday our foes will win, but not todayEdit

Not while there's a young man in his past wielding a guillotine and a nasty sense of humour. Brought up in England, hating his father, liking his Aunt Emily and her cats.