Bruce Wayne / Batman
"There is something out there in the darkness."
Canon: Nolanverse
Species: Human
Hometown: Gotham City, New Jersey, USA
Age: 35
Journal: obscuronoctis
Player: Claire

send a heartbeat toEdit


the void that cries through youEdit


relive the pictures that have come to passEdit


for now we stand alone Edit

the world is lost and blown Edit

and we are flesh and blood disintegrate Edit

[ smashing pumpkins - tonight repriseand the embers never fade in my city by the lake the place where i was born as the wind-up toys wind down muffling the sound of a life hidden underground believe believe in me believe that you can change that you're not stuck in vain we're not the same we're different tonight we'll the crucify the insincere tonight we'll make things right we'll feel it all tonight the impossible is possible tonight believe in me like i believe in you tonight ]

with no more to hate Edit

Batman is DC's. Mr. Bale is his own. Nav lyrics by Smashing Pumpkins.