[11:18] dele: also yes
[11:19] dele: and martel has plenty to bitch about
[11:19] dele: he's been saving up
[11:19] dele: just for severus.
[11:19] kay: being injured :(
[11:19] claire: HAHAHAHA
[11:19] dele: theirs is a bromance for the ages
[11:19] dele: excuse me while i go into hiding before severus murders me from the astral plane
[11:19] dele: for saying that
[11:19] claire: "no one understands my contempt for EVERYTHING EVER like you do"
[11:19] claire: GOODBYE DELE ILU
[11:19] dele: "you're the only one who laughs when i make sick jokes about my own death"
[11:20] claire: /plays a country western love song
[11:20] claire: /is avada'd
[11:20] kay: /plays garth brooks
[11:20] dele: i like how we play so many hideous bffs.
[11:20] slarti: haha
[11:21] mhari: /replaces all martel's icons with willie nelson?