"I hate logic, and you're making me do logic, therefore aaaagh."
Canon: Arthurian Legend
Species: Human
Hometown: Nexuslandia
Age: 20
Journal: annuska
Player: Mhari

(a little girl with nothing wrong) Edit

Annuska was born in a pocket dimension, fathered by her half-brother's ex-lover on a woman who really ought to have been past it, and raised by an epileptic knight-errant and a dead French revolutionary. She descends from the royal houses of Hungary, Byzantium, and Cornwall, which mainly qualifies her for being crazypants.

eyes wide open, always hoping for the sun Edit


and she'll sing her song to anyone that comes along Edit


fragile as a leaf in autumn Edit

(and she's all alone) Edit

Annuska is a product of the diseased brain of Mhari. Norah Jones' adorable likeness and the lyrics to "Seven Years" belong to herself.