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  • Molly Carpenter
  • The Dresden Files (books)
  • Goth girl wizard in training.
  • Daughter of a Knight of the Cross, apprentice to the biggest smartass on the White Council.
  • Wrangles six little siblings on a regular basis.
  • Is both impressed by and afraid of what she can do. Such is life.



  • Lucius Malfoy
  • Harry Potter
  • Ambitious, clever, and with no time for your cute little theories about equality.
  • He and Narcissa are completely willing to play a very long game.
  • Of course, that doesn't prevent some good old-fashioned condescension in the meanwhile.
  • Draco is as terrifying at six years old as you think he is. So says Dele, and so it shall be written.



  • Tara Maclay
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Nobody messes with her girl.
  • Taken from about midway through season six.
  • College student, witch, friend.
  • Pretty much the sweetest person ever.



  • John Childermass
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
  • A not-quite respectable someone.
  • Valet to Mr Norrell and loyal supporter of the Raven King.
  • If you think he's mocking you, you are probably correct.
  • Maybe someday Ammmy will pick up someone who has no magical ability at all. Maybe.



  • Nathan Lynch
  • Original/London Mysteries
  • Because someone has to be skeptical of all this nonsense.
  • He is a good, sensible inspector whose partner happened to get attacked by a werewolf.
  • It has not done wonders for his career, thus far.
  • At least his layabout brother hasn't turned up. Yet.

Spade icon


  • Sam Spade
  • The Maltese Falcon
  • Life is good when you're an archetype.
  • PI extraordinaire.
  • Has kicked around the Nexus long enough to have a sense of it.
  • Rolls his own cigarettes. No, you probably can't have any.

Lamorak icon


  • Sir Lamorak
  • Arthuriana
  • Third best knight in the world, once upon a time.
  • Like many Arthurian knights, his prowess on the battlefield was matched by stupidity in the bedroom.
  • Poor man, he really was in love with Queen Morgause.
  • Other than that, though, he really is a clever man.

Helen icon


  • Helen Rossi
  • The Historian
  • It was a good plan, too, until he was kidnapped.
  • Illegitimate daughter of Professor Bartholomew Rossi, and direct descendant of Dracula.
  • Graduate student in anthropology, specializing in folklore.
  • She wears a lot of scarves and turtlenecks, these days.

Emmeline icon


  • Emmeline Vance
  • Harry Potter (AU)
  • Former auror, current guerrilla fighter.
  • Went directly from Hogwarts into the Order of the Phoenix in the first war.
  • Was unable to prevent Voldemort from winning the second war.
  • Has been trying to rectify this ever since.

Cimorene default


  • Cimorene
  • The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
  • Former Chief Cook and Librarian to the King of the Dragons.
  • She ran away from an arranged marriage, as she preferred the chance of being eaten to marrying him.
  • Spent a few years with the dragons, then a few in a pocket dimension, then came back.
  • Married the King of the Enchanted Forest when he unexpectedly turned out not to be a jerk.

Nazca icon


  • Nazca Barsavi
  • The Gentleman Bastards Sequence
  • Mafia princess with a perfect memory and a mind for strategy.
  • Nazca has been training to both run the criminal underworld of Camorr and make it look like her brothers are doing it since she was a child.
  • A perfect photographic memory and a head for numbers helped make her indispensable to her father's business.
  • She is in the middle of trying to solve a series of murders, but unbeknownst to her, it won't end well.

Anne icon


  • Anne Seagrim
  • Original
  • Three parents are better than one.
  • She grew up in the Nexus with her brother, her mother, her two fathers, and a bunch of likely half siblings.
  • The fathers have, perhaps, spoiled her a bit.
  • On the other hand, very little fazes her anymore.

Anya icon


  • Anya Evans
  • Original
  • Crazy half gypsy mercenary
  • Evans is, obviously, not her real surname.
  • She's used to being half of a dynamic duo. Also, sleeping with your much older partner sometimes works out. Unrelated comments.
  • Recently recovered from a nasty bout of therianthropy.

Katiya icon


  • Katiya Willoughby
  • Original
  • Werewolf with a penchant for clubbing and mixed drinks
  • Katiya was born under complicated circumstances in the Nexus. She has Issues with her father.
  • She's been a werewolf from infancy. Her control of the shapeshifting is excellent.
  • Her half brother may turn up one of these days.

Richard Carstone Jr


  • Richard Carstone, Jr.
  • Bleak House
  • Ship's doctor, general practitioner, and steady man.
  • He became a doctor because he somewhat hero-worshiped his "uncle" Alan Woodcourt. Luckily, he turned out to be good at it.
  • He worries about his mother, left alone without him while he goes on his voyages.
  • He regrets never knowing his father, and regrets more that everyone is so loathe to talk about how he died.

Tess icon


  • Tess Seagrim
  • Original
  • She prefers to think of herself as a woman with a plan, not a schemer.
  • Anne's half sister; her father is Mordred.
  • Her relationship with almost her entire family is somewhat strained.
  • Growing up in the nexus has made her even more firmly convinced that she is destined to help sort the world out. Perhaps by running it.

I know right


  • Sergei Alkaev
  • Harry Potter (AU)
  • Sometimes he's the ghost of Graitian Malfoy.
  • His mother, his step-father, and his younger sister all live near him in wizarding Boston.
  • Sergei is studying to be a lawyer in the US' magical law enforcement division.
  • He has yet to meet a Draco. That will be a fun day for everyone.

Raylan icon


  • Raylan Givens
  • Justified
  • The angriest man you've ever met.
  • U.S. Marshal from Harlan, Kentucky.
  • If you make him pull, he will put you down.
  • He's allowed to find your hobby creepy.

Emily Prentiss icon


  • Emily Prentiss
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supervisory Special FBI Agent
  • Speaks English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, and some Russian.
  • Vonnegut-reading nerd girl.
  • You will know when you've pushed her too far.

Pomona like icon


  • Pomona Fitzroy
  • Harry Potter (AU)
  • Alternately: Anzhelika Alkaev
  • A girl without a past based on a girl who shouldn't have existed.
  • Also known, in her other incarnation, as "Sergei's perpetual headache."
  • Poor little rich girl.

Garrison icon


  • Garrison Moore
  • Original/Long Range Division
  • This is why we can't have nice things.
  • A man almost eerily suited to filling out forms in triplicate.
  • His family thinks he works for the IRS.
  • A friend once joked that even his gun rack was alphabetized. (This is ridiculous. It's organized by caliber.)

Molly Seagrim icon


  • Molly Seagrim
  • Tom Jones
  • A girl ought to celebrate what passes by.
  • Back in the nexus by special request.
  • She will be very surprised to find two grown children.
  • Anyone over 14, male, and with a pulse should be terrified.

Marion icon


  • Marion Malfoy
  • Harry Potter (AU)
  • Because otherwise they'd stare at each other silently all day.
  • And because what Ammmy needed was clearly another AU Harry Potter character.
  • Prisca was crushed when she didn't fall wildly in love with Octavian.
  • She will never be able to hear the phrase "Chekov's Gun" without laughing again.

Ivan icon


  • Ivan
  • Being Human
  • If it goes, has a good body and you like being inside it, why get rid of it?
  • 237 years old, married for the past 70.
  • More an observer than an initiator, for the most part.
  • He has a Twitter feed.

Cedric icon


  • Cedric Diggory
  • Harry Potter (AU)
  • You’d think that publicly facing a dragon at sixteen would get me at least mild respect.
  • The true Hogwarts champion, who has never been to a certain now-infamous graveyard.
  • He's agreed to take his girlfriend's last name if they get married. The fact that the name is 'Malfoy' is incidental.
  • Evidently, not all Hufflepuffs die virgins.


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